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About Marketing @ Work

Marketing @ Work is a unique marketing consulting firm that focuses on making your marketing work harder for you by focusing your existing efforts and investments in advertising/marketing to grow your business.  Best of all, the results are guaranteed!

 Running your own business is a challenge in today’s competitive marketplace - squeezing profits and revenue from every angle and stealing time from your friends and family. Our marketing efforts focus on activities that will generate the most return for the least amount of investment with an emphasis on applying marketing principals aimed at doubling your income, tripling your profit, giving you more free time and putting the joy back into your business. How is this possible?

You get focused marketing efforts that leverage all the assets of your company, optimizes each sale and customer contact, builds long term customer relationships versus one time sales, shows customers the benefits of doing business with you so they are ready and willing to buy with minimal sales efforts or buyer resistance, and optimized marketing actions that builds on your existing customer base and helps you get more return from each of those customers.

Marketing does not come naturally to many business owners, so we lay out clear action plans that lead you step by step through your marketing efforts. We will also be by your side to guide you or help you as well.

A typical business obtains a 20%-100% increase in sales with limited and in many cases no additional marketing expense by applying our marketing principles to their business. If you are interested, we would be happy to work with you to apply the same principles to your business.

Marketing @ Work is Unique in that we guarantee Your Success !  How can we do this?  We know our techniques work!  Ask the next salesman that comes into your office to sell you an advertisement if they will guarantee the results you will get from the advertisement.  If they can not or will not... BEFORE you make that investment in an ad that will last days or weeks consider an investment in YOUR future with Marketing @ Work.

We hope you find the information in this Web Site useful!  Take your time, review the special reports, the FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions), and what others have said about our marketing techniques.   If you take the time to review the "Ten Marketing Mistakes that Nearly Every Business Makes" and are able to focus on and correct even a few of them, you will be miles ahead of your competition.  Of course, we can help streamline the learning and implementation process and get you results in a shorter period of time, so we hope that you will call us.  But in any case, the report is there for your usage and our hope is that even if you do not call us it will be of benefit to your business.  If we can be of further service or if you would like to take advantage of our No Risk Consultation, please give us a call or write us at the address below.


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Just like ancient structures that have stood the test of time, the Marketing @ Work Multi-Pillar marketing system builds the foundation for you business success.

Let us help you put you business miles ahead of your competition.  Just give us a call.

With our programs you can start seeing results immediately while creating a lasting marketing program to grow your business.