It’s 103 in Texas but it’s even Hotter here at Marketing@Work

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Hi all and hope that everyone is having a Great Summer! Let’s start off with a simple thought which is:What ONE thing are you going to do/accomplish this week to market/grow your business”? Take a minute, think about it and then WRITE it down, put it on a post it note, attach it to your monitor or somewhere where you will see it every morning and leave it there until it is done.


Are you going to call that important customer about your proposal, place an ad, hand out flyers, attend a network meeting, create a point of sale promotion, etc…? You may have projects that are back logged and have lots of tasks and things that must be done to complete, but the longest journey begins with a single step so pick one of the tasks and commit to doing it this week.


Doing this will mean that in a year you will have done 52 tasks dedicated solely on your business growth which will put you miles ahead of your competition and move you solidly in the direction of Working ON your business instead of Working IN your business.


We at Marketing @ Work have been very busy this summer.

Ann Collins launched our MasterMind Program ( beginning with a pilot in June then a full scale roll out in July. It is a fantastic way for you to build a virtual team to help you grow your business.


Our next group begins the week of Aug 18th so if you are interested in taking your business to the next level get over there and sign up now. Since facilitating the groups is so time intensive we have limited openings. It’s like having your own board of directors, personal coach, mentor, business consultant, focus group, and support group all rolled into one.


 August is going to be a crazy good month for us as well. We will be launching several free offerings/training/tools for our subscribers and will be introducing a series of New Classes for new and existing business owners.


So, look for new content, tips, tricks, etc. that you can use immediately to grow your business. Enter your name and email and be the first to get this valuable information delivered directly to your inbox. You will also get weekly marketing tips/actions that will lead you step by step through the same process that we would use to super charge your marketing efforts.