Why Do You Need Marketing? Why Marketing@Work?

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

The other week we started with a simple thought so let’s follow it up again this week.  So what did you do or accomplish to grow your business and what ONE thing are you going to do/accomplish NEXT to grow your business?

Take a minute, think about it and then WRITE it down, put it on a post it note, attached it to your monitor or somewhere where you will see it every  morning and leave it there until it’s done.
A lot of people ask me “what is marketing and why do I need it?”.  There are others who are totally confused on what marketing is and why it’s important.  They say things like “I don’t need marketing because I am in a mall” or “I advertise therefore I market my business”. Both good points but they’re limiting the potential of their business.

So what is marketing?  My definition is that it’s the Engine of Sales.  So it’s anything and everything you do or say to get a customer to buy.  Of course that includes advertising and picking a good location like a mall, but it also includes signs, appearance, pricing, up sell or cross sell promotions, customer retention and satisfaction and everything else you can think of that drives sales.  The problem is that most business owners and even most marketing guru’s (and especially the last person that tried to sell you an advertisement) don’t have a clue how to economically and affordably put the pieces together to have a winning strategy.

That is where we can help.  With the Marketing @ Work Multi-Pillar marketing system we walk you step by step through building a foundation for your business’s sales and then put multiple programs in place to grow your business. Our goal is to drive over $4.00 in value for every dollar you spend in marketing your business.

That is the difference between good marketing and bad marketing, someone trying to sell you an advertisement so that they can collect a commission and someone that is focused on delivering real ROI (Return on Investment) for your business by using easy to use, easy to implement, high return strategies.

It does not have to be expensive and it is not rocket science.  You can do it and we can help.  To learn more about the multi-pillar marketing system click on the link below and send us an email with your contact information.  info@marketingatwork.com


Watch this space!  Soon we will be launching a new and exciting program just for small independent solopreneurs that is designed to launch them forward.