Small businesses are being started at an unprecedented rate in the world today.  More and more Husbands, Wives, Partners, Sons, Daughters, 20-year employees of large corporations – regular everyday people – are taking (risking) their dreams, aspirations, and life savings, and putting them into a business of their own.  Many of these businesses grow quickly – up to a certain level – others grow slowly or simply flounder while barely providing the owners with a decent job.  But in the end, the numbers say, over 80% of all businesses will fail in the first five years.  With those failures go the hopes, dreams and savings of millions of people each year.

Why does this happen?  Are these people not smart enough?  No.  People starting a business today are far more educated, market savvy or experienced in that industry than the average person.  Are they lazy?  Certainly not.  Studies have consistently shown that the average business owner works far more hours each week than does the average worker.  Is their product or service bad?  No.  We have all seen companies with great products or services fail while others seemed to succeed in spite of a clearly inferior product/service. Why does this happen?

Marketing@Work consultants know why. They have been trained in a very special and unique marketing system that has been developed over a period of many years by Ken King, founder and president of Marketing@Work. After working with and growing businesses of all sizes for many years, Ken learned that there are certain basic steps that every business must follow to be successful.  Furthermore, if these steps are followed – the business will grow and you will see more success in your business! Marketing@Work guarantees it!

“It’s not rocket science and its not magic”, says Ken King, “As a matter of fact, the foundation of this system used to be taught as the basics from which all marketing efforts grew.  But, many years ago big budget mass media advertising and corporate marketing came into vogue and became the basis of education for most marketing professionals.  When that happened, we lost the marketing basics that were the roots of success for small business owners with limited marketing budgets.  These techniques are the lost secrets of marketing success.”

The success of the Marketing@Work system lies in its simplicity and ease of implementation.  There are seven basics steps.  Each step takes approximately a month to six weeks to implement.  Each steps consists of specific, clearly defined procedures that walk the owner through implementation.  With the coaching and guidance of the well trained consultants, the business owner can be operating the system on their own within six to eight months.  “Typically, a business owner will see a growth of between 25% and 100% in the first eight months” says Ken, “After that time, the owner is running the system on their own and no longer require our services.”

Marketing@Work’s marketing system has now helped thousands of businesses all across North America and around the world.  The system works so well that consultants using the Marketing@Work system can actually guarantee to increase their clients business.  If you are looking for a guaranteed, sure-fire way to quickly and efficiently grow your business with little to no additional marketing expenses, call Marketing@Work today.  We will explain our marketing system to you and determine how, exactly, the system would help to increase your sales.  The only way the system won’t work for you is if you don’t call.  So Call or Email today!  Thanks…

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