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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for visiting our FAQ page.  We hope you find the answers to your questions.  If not, feel free to send us an email or drop us a line and we will be glad to send you a response and add it to our list. 

What is Marketing?
Marketing is the engine of Sales.  Marketing is everything you do, say, show, or promote to get a customer to come in your door, to call you, to write you to consider purchasing your product or service.  It is also everything that you do or say to get them to buy once they have contacted you.  Last but not least, it is all the things that you do or say that leads to increasing the sale to them or that gets them to come back more often or makes them a more satisfied customer or that gets them to give you quality referrals.  Every business does marketing and the successful ones do it well. 

What Can Marketing do for Me?
Good marketing allows you to get the most out of every dollar you spend, every hour and every minute you invest and gives you increased revenue and profit, more free time, and greater security in both your business and personal life.  It does this by putting you ahead of over 90% of your competitors and leveraging and optimizing every aspect of the marketing you are doing to do and focusing on those things that you should be doing but have not taken the time to implement.  It also systemizes your efforts so that everyone in your organization understands and executes to get maximum results.

Why Marketing @ Work?
Marketing @ Work has a confidential and proprietary system that has worked for hundreds of businesses just like yours.  Typically, a business will see between 20% and 100% improvements in their business with little to no additional investments/expenses for marketing.  We are so confident of our system that we will guarantee that you will get more than double your money back in a period of less than one year!  How can we do that?  We know that our system works!

How can we Guarantee Your Results?
We know our system works!  We also know that most businesses upside is so huge that it is nearly a slam dunk to get the type of benefit we guarantee.  We also know from working with businesses such as yours that most of them have barely tapped the potential available to them with the marketing they are currently doing in their business.  Last but not least, we guarantee our results because we want you to be 100% confident that you are making a sound investment for your business and we are willing to take the risk to help you make the decision to get started now! 

My Business is doing well, why do I need to do more Marketing?
Congratulations!  It is great that you are doing well, but have you considered whether you could be doing GREAT?  If during the Marketing Assessment we find that you have the key efforts that you need already in place, we will tell you and thank you for the opportunity to review your efforts.  If we find opportunities, we will review those with you as well.  Companies that are doing well are typically the best companies to work with since they usually will have large areas of untapped potential that can easily be converted into new or additional revenue opportunities.  So how high is high?  How good is good?  Those are the questions we can help you understand to determine if your business has the potential for even greater revenue and profit opportunities.

My Business is not doing well and I can not afford a consultant, what should I do?  
The time to take action is NOW!  You can not afford to wait to call in someone that can help you turn your business outlook around.  Look at what you have to lose!  Your investment of time, energy, and money in your business.  The loss of income and financial impact to you and your family.  We have many low cost programs that can get you started on the right track.  We want to help you, so will work with you on Win/Win solutions for us both.  The key is that we want you to be successful and not delay in taking the first steps to significantly improve your business.  We know that our programs will help even struggling businesses to turn the corner and become healthy/profitable businesses in a very short time. 

The economy is down, should I wait?
When the economy is down that is when your competition is waiting and is your best chance to grow and take share in the marketplace while they are sleeping.  When others retrench, you no longer have to fight through the clutter of multiple offers being delivered to your potential and current customers.  These same customers in many cases are more receptive to creative or special offers from a new supplier.  Slow times are the best times to focus on and improve your marketing.

The economy is great, why do I need to focus on marketing?
The saying goes that all boats rise with the tide.  So if that is your game plan to rise and to fall with the tides of the economy then you do not need to focus on your marketing.  If your goals are to grow faster than the market and to take share from your competitors, or if you are unwilling to let your business drop as the tide goes out then you must focus on improving your marketing efforts to assure you of a leadership position in the marketplace. 

I am just not sure, what should I do?
Call for a confidential one on one interview which will probably lead to a proposal for a Confidential Marketing Assessment.  Our Marketing Assessment is priced such that virtually any business can afford it (way below our costs to provide) so that we can reach the widest range of potential customers and help as many of them as possible.  We would like to encourage you to take this first step.

How much should I budget for marketing?
This is a very common question and varies by where you are in your business and what industry norms are as well as your goals for growth for your company.

Typically a company budgets 3-5% of their gross revenue for marketing.  If you are just starting out and wanting to grow quickly you may have to allocate 10-20%.  But the real question typically is what marketing programs are right for you and what can you afford.  If you spend a dollar in marketing/advertising and you only get a dollar ( or in many cases less ) back in revenue then it is difficult to effectively market your business.  Our efforts focus on actions that will return up to five dollars for every dollar spent on marketing/advertising.

With that type of return you will be able to continue to invest in your marketing/advertising while your business continues to grow. 


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