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Welcome to our Free Stuff page.  The links below and in the side bar to the left will lead you to a a collection of our Special Reports, FAQ's ( Answers to Frequently Asked Questions ), a chance to register with us and receive 30 minutes of free consulting on a question, advertisement, or direct mail letter.  

The free special reports will give you loads of great information to help grow your business.  Read them online or print them out.  They are completely free and NO ONE will call you or bother you.  If you give us your e-mail address, we will be glad to mail you new special reports and marketing articles that may be of interest to you.  

Why are we doing this?  Why are we giving away thousands of dollars of information for free?  We feel that we can help many small businesses that may not be able to hire a consultant to help them grow their businesses or to solve their marketing problems.  If we can be of help to them NOW, when they are ready or can afford to go to the next stage, we hope they feel comfortable with our recommendations and will give us a call.  In any case, we hope to build a strong network of business owners that have used our techniques and will feel confident in recommending us to other business owners that may need our services.  It is our goal to provide the best material available to our visitors and we hope you come back often and that our information will help you grow your business. 

Look at the Ten Marketing Mistakes and see how many of them you are making today.  Correct them and track the benefits to you... they could be worth many tens of thousands of dollars a year and it is free for the taking with our best wishes and hope that you can use it in your business.

The report on Strategic Marketing Position will help you focus on why your customer should be doing business with you and how you will differentiate yourself from the competition.  A special alert to all you business owners is that we do not recommend you compete on price.  There can only be one "Low Price Leader" and they need to be a 100 pound gorilla in their market.  For most small businesses, the requirements are just too much and the margins too low to sustain your business.  Look for another customer benefit, value proposition, or lever to use to build your image in your marketplace.

The report on Customer Satisfaction is one that most businesses completely overlook and one of the major areas to build long-term business at your competitors expense.  You can keep over 90% of the customers that you lose to your competition coming back to you with simple, low cost, and focused customer satisfaction programs.  Typical businesses lose 10-20% of their customers every year.  That means to grow they must replace the customers they lost plus find additional new customers just to break even.  I encourage you to take the time to review the report and apply it to your business. 

Visit our FAQ Page.  We will post questions and answers to many problems that small and medium businesses face every day.  Think about how they may apply to your business.  You will find that these questions will answer many of the problems you have with your marketing today and will lead you on a path to a marketing program that will eclipse your competition.

Free Consulting via E-Mail.  You may also submit a question to our consultants.  Think about what is your most burning problem with your business, think about what it could mean to you personally or  financially.  After you have read our FAQ pages if you still have a question, send us an E-Mail with an overview of your business and your question and send it to us for review.  We will get back to you with a response.

Free Marketing Newsletter that will give you tips that you can use in your business.  Do not expect some high level fluff on things that might or could  or would work.  We will give you tips and knowledge that you will be able to put to practical use to grow your business.  Again, our goal is to build a strong trusting relationship with you before you ever pick up the phone to call us or to have you feel confident of our abilities and expertise such that you could recommend us to a friend or business associate if asked.  All we ask is that you register for the newsletter, read it and tell us what you like and don't like when you get a chance, and if the information helped your business, drop us a note and let us know.  Click here to register now.

Nearly Free Stuff

Professional Assessment of your marketing and advertising for a nominal fee (Services Page).  If you have a question on an ad, direct mail piece, or your brochure send it to us and we will send you our comments.

Also, for a nominal fee (Services Page), you will have the chance to get our Proprietary Marketing Assessment questionnaire. This will allow us to assess whether one of our marketing programs might be appropriate to help your business meet your goals. This will also allow us to tell you exactly which of our marketing programs are right for your business so that you can get maximum benefits for the least amount of time, energy, or investment.  In rare cases, your business may be such that our services may not be appropriate and we will clearly tell you that so neither you or we waste our time. If we can not help you grow your business over the next year then it would not be appropriate for us to recommend our marketing program.

The Marketing Assessment questionnaire is very detailed but provides the necessary information to diagnose your business and to give you a clear action plan to grow your business.  You would not go to a doctor for your health and just take whatever he was selling or had on hand.  You would want him to run some tests and prescribe just the right medicine for your health.  We treat your business exactly the same way.  We will not try to sell you consulting if you do not need it.  We will not try to sell you advertising if you do not need it.  It is our intention to only prescribe the medicine your business needs to grow and remain healthy.  

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