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Welcome to our products page.  Below are some of the key products our clients have asked for in the past.  We provide a wide range of products and services but focus on those items that you can purchase with peace of mind they will more than double your investment with little to no additional investment or risk to you or your business.  In fact, our products tend to typically produce five to ten times their investment which is why we can guarantee that you will double your money. If you have any questions, feel free to call or drop us an email.  We will be glad to help you decide which products are right for you or your business.

Free Introductory Seminars
We offer free introductory seminars for Groups or Associations that need a speaker or someone to give a brief overview of marketing for their members.  These seminars are designed to not only educate your members as to the value of marketing but to give them valuable marketing tips that they can use in their businesses or professional practices immediately.  We provide these seminars so that we can get to know you and, more importantly, you can get to know us and what we can do for you and your members businesses or professional practices.  So give us a call and let us introduce you and your members to the powerful marketing concepts provided by Marketing @ Work !

  • Marketing Your Key to Success:  An overview of the powerful marketing concepts that you can use to grow your business with limited to no additional investment or risk. 
  • Seven Key Steps to Grow Your Business:  We outline the key marketing steps that will guarantee that you will grow your business 20% or more.
  • Power Lunch:  We show you the three key ways to grow your business and how marketing can optimize your results in these key areas.

Million Dollar Marketing Master Mind Training:
This is a full-day seminar that is no fluff, no nonsense, hands on, practical, virtually no cost marketing techniques that will typically add 5-10% to your bottom line in less than six months time.  We have picked the four best and most practical of our simple to implement high value programs and integrated them into a one day seminar that will literally explode your thinking on how to market your business.  We then took these concepts and integrated them into a workbook such that not only will you know what to do but will know every step that you must take to implement them in your own business before you leave the seminar.  As with everything we do, you are the judge.  If at the end of the seminar you do not feel that the training is worth many times your investment in increased revenue and profit to your business, we would not consider keeping your money.  That's just the way we are....  We want you to come knowing that there is no risk in making the commitment and we want you to leave saying that this is the best investment you have made this year for your business. 

eMail Marketing Program
One of the key efforts we advocate is to cultivate and reap the benefits of your current customers.  This has multiple benefits for your business.  Increased customer satisfaction, increased customer mindshare, increased buying frequency, and increased customer retention.  Staying in touch with your customers is a key factor in growing your business.  Many businesses lose over 10% of their customers every year which must be replaced just to stay even.  Research has shown that over 90% of those customers went somewhere else just because they were not made to feel special at your business and there was no compelling reason to do business with you versus your competitor.  By staying in contact with your current customers, you can continue to make them feel special and to emphasize the value you bring to them and to assure that you are at the top of their list for purchases. 

Our eMail program comes in two flavors.  The first is perfect for newsletters or other broad-based communications such as weekly/monthly reports or specials.  These newsletters delivered in HTML format can provide either full image content of your newsletter as part of the email or it can provide detailed summaries with links to a full blown webpage with the content.  If you are mailing these at the post office, you are missing a major opportunity to improve you communications while at the same time reducing your costs.  While the typical cost to mail a newsletter runs anywhere from $.50 to $1.00, you can email to your customer list for less than $.10 - $.20 each depending upon your volume.  Also where you typically would not send a communication to inactive customers or members, with email the cost is primarily in the fixed overhead making it more affordable to even keep marginally or older customers on your mailing list.  We also provide automatic subscribe and unsubscribe services with this as well.   The second email program is designed for one to one marketing efforts where the letter or offer is personalized.  So if you are looking to make a special offer or request for contribution, this is the program that would be right for you.  Letters or emails that are personalized get even greater readership than the  "Dear Sir or Madam. ... "  letters that are typical of most bulk mail or email programs.  You want your customers not only to get standard newsletter types of offerings but you also want to be able to send them personalized messages and offers that are targeted directly to them.  Most businesses and associations find they need a mixture of the two services to cover their customer base and to grow their business.

Research has shown that the readership of email newsletters is over five times higher than that of printed communications.  Lower costs, improved customer relations, higher readership, ....  If you are not using email marketing programs as part of your marketing, you are missing a major opportunity to grow your business. Call us and let us get you set up right away.

Call for an Assessment and Investment details.

eMail Marketing Campaign
For those businesses that do not have an established email marketing program, we can get you set up and establish a six month or one year program to maximize your opportunity.  This includes setting up your email list, outlining what campaigns you should do and when, and developing and writing the letters to go to your customers.  We will also set up the appropriate autoresponders and links as well as  training your staff on how to execute and implement the strategy. 

Call for an Assessment and Investment details.

Newsletter Publication
A weekly or monthly newsletter will keep your customers informed on what is going on in your business and lets you educate them or make them aware of additional services and features that you offer.  It also gives you the opportunity to send them information that may be of general interest to them in the areas of health, fitness, finance, etc.  We can provide you with a newsletter that is customized for your business and will go to your customers.  You have the option of printing and mailing them or having them sent via email.  It is your choice.

Call for an Assessment and Investment details.

Marketing Plan
This is not a pretty document that sits on the shelf in your office.  Our marketing plans are detailed hands on do this today, do that tomorrow, do this next month type of programs focused on growing your business.  We do a complete assessment of your business, do an evaluation of what you are doing today and what works and does not work today and then we structure a focused marketing effort by month and work with you and your staff to execute.  Our programs are set up to where we can measure the results which allows us to double our efforts on the most successful types of offers and campaigns while replacing those that have limited impact.   This means that you are not wasting money on campaigns and programs that provide limited value to your business.  Also by having a detailed step by step marketing plan by month, you are never left wondering what you need to do to market your business.  Since our goal is to help make you even more successful, the marketing plan allows us to work with you and to track our efforts to assure that we stay on track and are meeting the goals we jointly laid out as part of our planning.

Call for an Assessment and Investment details.

Special Reports
These are high value educational and detailed marketing reports that can be worth tens of thousands of dollars to your business.  They are available to purchase preprinted by themselves or as part of one of our consulting packages.

  • Free Report Package:  Get a printed version of our free reports.  These are excellent to distribute to your members.  The Ten Marketing Mistakes, Establishing your Strategic Marketing Position, and the Key to Customer Satisfaction are all programs that will help you grow your business.   
  • Ten Steps to Double your Business, Starting Today:  Here are ten of our best programs that will deliver growth to your business.  We have netted them down, structured them to make them so simple anyone in your office can understand them, and we walk you through the process step by step to assure you are ready to execute at the end of each step.  Clients have found this combined with our Coaching is a dynamite combination to keep your business on track.  It is not that the Clients need help in executing, but having someone hold their feet to the fire and tracking and assuring they implement the program monthly is a major benefit to them.
  • Twenty Quick Fix Business Strategies

Marketing Workbooks and Videos
Attached are just a few of the subjects that are available to help you grow your business. 

  • Optimizing Your Current Marketing
  • Leveraging Your Existing Customer Base
  • Leading with Marketing Alliances
  • Running the Proper Media Advertising
  • Attack with Direct Marketing
  • Solidify your Customers with Community Marketing
  • Preparing to Sell Your Business


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