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Marketing @ Work provides the highest quality services available to you, the business owner.  You get the services of Executives that have managed an $800 Million Dollar world wide business and that are also experienced in growing and making small businesses more profitable.  So whether you want someone that can take your company from $500 Thousand to $2 Million or from $5 Million to $20 Million Marketing @ Work has the expertise and experience to help you.

Our expectation is that for every dollar invested in our marketing services (Seminars, Coaching, Business Evaluation, Business Growth Packages), you will get more than five times that amount back  in increased revenue in the first twelve months the program is in operation.  We are so confident of the results that if you do not get at least twice what you have paid back in additional revenues, we will continue working with you until you do.  We are proud of our record and will Guarantee it in Writing!

Advertising Evaluation


Marketing Assessment


Advertising Evaluation

Many businesses waste thousands of dollars, and in many cases tens of thousands of dollars, on advertising.   

Since we have found this as a common problem with many businesses we offer a simple way for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you.  For a very nominal fee, we will review your advertising and marketing materials and give you an assessment of what you need to do to modify or change them to get better results. 

In many cases, we are able to double or triple the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing materials.



Coaching is a service we offer to business owners that may want an experienced professional that they call for questions to either general business, personnel, financial, or marketing questions.  This service is fully confidential allowing you the business owner to fully discuss problems and issues with your business.  You get the benefit of having someone you can call that understands you and your business, that understands the history of your business and the problems that you have addressed together before.   We highly recommend this service to any business owner that does not have a personal confidant they can turn to with their most pressing questions.


  Marketing Assessments

An  overview and analysis of your marketing activities and results.  A set of recommendations for you to follow to grow your business. 

Business owners learn more about marketing from going through the assessment than virtually all their competition and in many cases more than the "Experts" at the advertising agencies or publications trying to sell them advertising space.



Mentoring is a service we offer to business owners that may want a team of experienced professionals that they call on for questions, to set their strategy and growth plans, and to work as their personal consultants for their business.

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