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The Greatest Self Help, Success, Spiritual and Personal Transformation Books ever written. Now Available for our Valued Subscribers.

Every other week or so, I will personally select one of the Titles listed below and send it directly to you.  These are the books that have inspired millions people worldwide.  It is our sincere hope that you leverage this information in your business and in your life as well.

If you can not wait or see something you want immediately, you may also purchase the entire library and download load it immediately to your computer.  You can then read them at your own pace and in the order that makes the most sense for you.  You can download them to your PDA or print them out to take with you on trips. Simply click on the Link below and you  will be redirected to page to make your purchase.

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This Library of eBooks includes; 

"The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles - The book that inspired "the Secret.
The original 1910 version as described  on the Oprah Winfrey Show and Larry King Live

"The Master Key System" by Charles F. Haanel - This 24 Lesson Book was inspired by Wallace D. Wattles philosophy.

"Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill - This is one of the most famous books ever written; even today, many successful businessmen attribute their success to this book! Here are money-making secrets that can change your life. Once you learn and apply the simple, basic techniques revealed here, you will have mastered the secret of true and lasting success. 

"The Master Key System" by Charles F. Haanel - The Master Key System is the only 24 Lesson  presentation of the Creative Power of Thought. It teaches the ultimate principles, causes, effects, and laws that underlie all attainment and Success. You will learn the solution to attaining your goals and solving all your problems .... Personal, Financial, and Business. 

"Acres of Diamonds" by Russell H. Conwell - It remains a significant, and inspirational, lesson about where the true riches in life may be found. One of the greatest speeches ever written. If you wish to be great, begin with who you are right now, where you are right now. It gives a Spiritual and Intellectual look at yourself.

"How to Live on 24 Hours a Day" by Arnold Bennett - This classic personal time-management book originally published in 1908 has inspired generations of men and women to live deliberate lives.

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"Art of War" by Sun Tzu  - For more than two thousand years, Sun-tzu's The Art of War has provided  leaders with essential advice on battlefield tactics and management strategies. An elemental part of Chinese culture, it has also become a touchstone for the Western struggle for survival.

"The Power of Concentration" by Theron Q. Dumont - A book about concentration: its importance, and how to train the mind to concentrate. To make the greatest success of anything you must be able to concentrate your entire thought upon the idea you are working on.

"The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism" by Theron Q. Dumont - 'Magnetism' is what these old-timers coined what we now know as Energy. This book teaches how to exert a powerful, irresistible influence upon the reason or will of another.

"The Secret of Success" by William W. Atkinson - A course of Nine Lessons on the subject of the Application of the latent Powers of the individual Toward Attainment of Success in Life.

"Thought Vibration" by William W. Atkinson - Contents: Law of attraction in the thought world; Thought-waves and their power of reduction; About the mind; Mind building; Secret of the will; Law, not chance; Training the habit mind; and much more.

"Thought-Force in Business and Everyday Life" by William W. Atkinson - Being a series of Lessons in Personal Magnetism Psychic Influence, Thought Force Concentration, Will Power and practical mental Science.

"Practical Mental Influence" by William W. Atkinson - A course of lessons on Mental Vibrations, Psychic Influence, Personal Magnetism, Fascination, Psychic Self Protection. Containing Practical Instruction, Exercises, Directions etc. Capable of being understood, mastered and demonstrated by any person of average intelligence.

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"Above Life's Turmoil" by James Allen - In this book Allen dissects the human condition and like a master physician, he offers solutions in his haunting and truthful style.

"Byways to Blessedness" by James Allen - A very inspirational and popular title. Right Beginnings; Small Duties and Tasks; Standing Alone; Understanding the Simple Laws of Life; and much more.

"The Way of Peace" by James Allen - As the effect is related to the cause, so is prosperity and power related to the inward good, and poverty and weakness to the inward evil. "Love Does Not Judge" quote..

"The Path of Prosperity" by James Allen - Contents: Lesson of Evil; Way out of undesirable conditions; silent power of thought; Realization of prosperity; Secret of abounding happiness; Secret of health, success, and happiness; and much more.

"Character-Building Thought Power" by Ralph Waldo Trine - A thought, good or evil, an act, in time a habit, so runs life law, what you live in your thought world, that sooner or later you will objectified in you life.

"The Greatest Thing Ever Known" by Ralph Waldo Trine - The moment we fully and vitally realize who and what we are, we then begin to build our own world even as God builds his.

"This Mystical Life of Ours" by Ralph Waldo Trine - A book of suggestive thoughts for each week of the year. Fresh beginning; Supreme fact of life; Not repression but self mastery; and much more.

"The Man Who Knew" by Ralph Waldo Trine - Contents: Time, need, the man; Getting this, you have all; love and the power of life; I am a man as you are; He called it "The Way"; Sons of men living as sons of God; Source of His genius;  and much more

"The Wayfarer on the Open Road" by Ralph Waldo Trine - Being some thoughts and  a little creed of wholesome living.

"What all the World's A-Seeking" by Ralph Waldo Trine -  The Vital Law of True Life, True Greatness, Power, and Happiness. Each is building his world from within. This book reveals techniques for prosperity and spiritual success.

"The Analysis of Mind" by Bertrand Russell - One of Russell's most important and interesting books which reconciles the materialistic tendency of psychology with the anti-materialistic tendency of physics.  

"The Creative Process in the Individual" by Thomas Troward - Asserts that heaven is a state of consciousness and conditions where we experience Light, Joy, Peace, Abundance ect. in life now.  And since heaven is eternal, that means it is past, present and future and forever. Along with his lecture-series: revolutionary.

"The Dore Lectures on Mental Science" by Thomas Troward - But if we grasp the truth that the thing is already existent in the thought, do we not see that this transcendent Omega must be already in the Divine ideal of every one of us?

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"The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science" by Thomas Troward - How we are "distribution centers for Divine unlimited creative power".  Leads you to understand the Laws of Cause and Effect and The Descent of Spirit into Matter and how to use these Laws to create your own positive unlimited life.

"The Power of Silence" by Horatio W. Dresser - An interpretation of life in its relation to health and happiness. The art and science of the inner life investigated in the freest spirit without regard to specific doctrines.

"Common Sense: How to Exercise It" by Blanchard Yoritomo-Tashi - In these pages,  you will learn how to acquire and develop common sense and practical sense, how to apply them in your daily life, and how to utilize them profitably in the business world.

"Within You is the Power" by Henry Thomas Hamblin - The enlightened message of this book moves forward in time with grace and ease, and serves to help bring the inner power of mind and spirit onto harmony with Universal Law.", explains Donald G. Carty

"The Life of the Spirit" by Henry Thomas Hamblin - It is simply a beautiful book, one that hits straight and deep in the heart. It is full of truth and undoubtedly God inspired.

"The Power of Thought" by Henry Thomas Hamblin - This book  shows that you can , by changing your thoughts and mental attitude, "reverse the lever" and come into harmony with the Divine Idea. When this is accomplished your life will blossom like the rose.  

"The Mental Cure" by Warren Felt Evans - Illustrating the Influence of the Mind on the Body, Both in Health and Disease, and the Psychological Method of Treatment.

"The Science of Mind" by Ernest Holmes - Using creative techniques, Holmes guides you in easy-to-follow steps toward mastering the powers of the mind to find purpose in life. Includes explanations on how to pray and meditate, heal oneself spiritually, find self confidence, and express love.

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"The Greatest Thing in the World" by Henry Drummond - Drummond, a nineteenth century Christian missionary, lays out his case that Love is the key ingredient to a successful life with precision, logic and eloquence

"Self-Help; National and Individual" by Samuel Smiles - This literary hybrid turns biography into an inspirational medium that awakens the reader to their own potential and instills the desire to succeed. The precursor to today's motivational and self help literature.

"The Multiple Mentality Course" by Harry Kahne - The original "multitasking" training system. Want or need to do 2 or more things at once? Read this! A true course in Right/Left Brain training.

"Your Forces and How to Use Them" by Christian Larson - Treatise on the nature of soul and its attributes of Wisdom and Supreme Power.

"How to Find Your Real Self" by Mildred Mann - There is certainly nothing more necessary in the world today than a practical philosophy of life. One which is liveable, useable, expendable.

"Self Mastery through Conscious Autosuggestion" by Emile Coué - This work emphasizes the role of positive thinking in self-improvement. This man invented Autosuggestion (autogenic training) for use in healing and improving oneself.

"Fables" by Aesop - A collection of more than 300 fables by the ancient grandmaster of fables himself. Great stuff to think about and read.

"Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius - Meditations remains one of the greatest works of spiritual and ethical reflection ever written.

"The Manual" by Epictetus - The Enchiridion ; Could be called "the very first self-help book." This Greek philosopher wrote a small but powerful tractate on living a content and happy life. Marcus Aurelius was greatly influenced by the teachings of Epictetus.

"The Prophet" by Khalil Gibran - A brilliant man's philosophy on love, marriage, joy and sorrow, time, friendship and much more. His words have a power and lucidity that in another era would surely have provoked the description "divinely inspired".

"The Madman" by Kahlil Gibran - Equally as important as "The Prophet." Thought provoking collection of life affirming parables and poems.

"Walking" by Henry David Thoreau - One of the greatest American authors himself talks about walking; serenity, meditation; peace. Awakens the senses and the soul to the "absolute freedom and wildness" of nature. 

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"Siddhartha" by Hermann Hesse - Siddhartha's life takes him on a journey toward enlightenment. It parallels the life of Buddha and seems to argue that lessons of this sort cannot be taught but come from one's own struggle to find truth.

"Adventures in Contentment" by David Grayson - If you are a person of thought, this book will move you. Grayson will take you on a tour of his farm and his mind. He Advocates crowding into your life, every possible fine experience and adventure.

"Adventures in Friendship" by David Grayson - The author gently leads you to rediscover that plainest, commonest and rarest thing - friendship. We may well be silent with a friend.

"Great Possessions" by David Grayson - It is a symphony for the five senses, recognizing the best in each of them. Grayson,  advocates crowding into your life, every possible fine experience and adventure. 

"The Friendly Road -or- New Adventures in Contentment" by David Grayson - I invite you to travel with me upon this friendly road. You may find, as I did, something which will cause you for a time, to forget yourself in contentment. 

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